Who We Are

Our organization is committed to the goal of preserving the dignity and welfare of all individuals while creating a non-judgmental environment to explore personal issues. Services and supports are designed to provide meaningful assistance to the individual in acquiring and maintaining those physical, mental, and social skills which enable a person to function with the demands of his or her own personal environment.

Impact BHS is also committed to bringing greater awareness of mental health issues to the community. We work with community providers and organizations in creating outreach initiatives to provide information to the community and help identify those individuals who may be in need of help.

Mental Health Counseling
Mental Health Counseling


Impact Group BHS is an executively run, youth and family-centered organization that believes that every youth and family has to potential to effectively manage their behaviors if provided the support and resources. It is our mission to equip and empower youth, adults, and families to become assets and contributing members of their communities, develop prevention services to positively modify the behavior of youth, adults, and families, and display compassion and sensitivity in an effort to effectively convey qualitative and genuine care to those youth and family affected by behavioral health challenges. We will provide these services regardless of gender, race, culture, religion, or sexual orientation.


It is the goal of the Impact Group BHS to be recognized as the premier treatment and professional training center by offering an array of individualized and specialized treatment programs led by extraordinary staff. Impact Group BHS will serve as the standard choice for performance and professionalism in the way we conduct business, elevate the daily functioning and independence and interdependence of each client and family we serve, and our role in educating and supporting families and communities. We are committed to always providing the highest quality of care, exercise culturally competent services, and promoting a holistic mentality with the individuals, families, and communities that we serve.

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