Personal growth comes from a deep understanding about life choices made, accountability in owning those decisions, and having the courage to commit to positive change. Our IOP allows clients to pursue greater personal growth while removing the behaviors and potential triggers that led to substance addiction. Through this program, getting comfortable with living life drug- and alcohol-free becomes second nature. And ongoing sobriety, more attainable by utilizing emotional building blocks that work.

Impact Group IOP is for a minimum 60 to 90 days, which provides more value to our clients. Because it is less restrictive than traditional inpatient treatment but more structured than individual therapy alone, the program focuses on learning to live well and sober, while providing the tools to get there. Much of what IOP entails directly impacts each client’s recovery journey and where they are in the process. For some, adapting to life without chemical dependency requires 24-hour supervision from detox and during treatment – IOP would be a better fit for them as an aftercare program. But for those who are able to experience a bit more freedom while receiving the benefits of a serious addiction recovery program, then IOP after detox is ideal. 


Just as drug or alcohol detox is the removal of toxins built up in the body and the brain from substance abuse, the overall process is well-intended. The experience comes with withdrawals and associated side effects, depending on the drug, frequency and duration of use, as well as overall health of the client. With medication assisted treatment (MAT), detox and subsequent recovery programs provide a more tapered and gentler approach towards sobriety.

Alcoholism and opioid addiction are often treated with MAT as well as behavioral and holistic therapies.  For clients addicted to opioids, Impact Group Recovery Center may prescribe Vivitrol, Naltrexone or Buprenorphine. These medications assist during drug detox and treatment to block the pleasurable effects of opioids, thereby reducing cravings and lowering the risk for relapse throughout recovery.

MAT is also used to treat alcohol addiction. Clients who receive treatment for alcohol use disorder here could be prescribed disulfiram, Acamprosate or naltrexone to remove the cravings for and desirable effects of alcohol.


The moment a person steps outside treatment, upon completion, it is the first in a long list of recovery-defining moments. When the specific program provides the necessary tools to embark on the path of sobriety, not only can each client find new ways to enjoy life and thrive without the use of drugs and alcohol, but willfully avoid the temptation to relapse. 

Drug and alcohol treatment is more than a temporary fix – it should enable confidence to endure life’s challenges. This is the crux of how Impact Group Recovery Center merges the best elements of traditional and holistic practices with real-life circumstances. Because assessing an addiction Aftercare plan starts here the first day of treatment, and tested the moment clients leave our facility.


At Impact Group BHS we believe that each person recovers differently. A "Cookie-Cutter" approach to treatment has proven to be less successful than hoped for. That's why we offer a program that is tailored for you. Whether its 12-step based, Faith-Based or a track that focusing on Trauma, Impact will treat you, not the masses.