For children and adults who are seeking mental health services through a Community Based Counseling Program. These services are ideal for behavioral challenges, depression, stress, anxiety, and trauma. Services take place in the home, community, or school. Our trained clinicians provide clinical counseling, support, education and other tools to assist the youth and adults in their positive development. For those who would like to receive Community Based Counseling, an additional assessment is conducted before services begin to determine eligibility. A clinician will initially meet with you to discuss the level of need and severity of challenges. Approval is typically received within a week and services can begin. 

This program is ideal for those who are in need of additional support to maintain their independence. Our qualified mental health professional’s offer support in all areas of life, and bring enjoyment and meaning back to the individual through a strengths-based approach.


Services designed to meet the needs of clients experiencing difficulties due to emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. Service includes efficient delivery of:

  • Assist in overcoming emotional and behavioral barriers
  • Training in community living skills
  • Training opportunities to and encourage healthy leisure activities
  • Monitoring of housing, financial, medical, educational, rehabilitative and psychiatric services